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Photo: Joerg Reichardt
Montage: Zoran Terzic

Poets of Migration
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A good story says more than a thousand statistics.

The Poets of Migration (POEM), founded by Wolfgang Farkas, Ok–Hee Jeong and Zoran Terzic, are an author collective and literary platform. The POEMs understand immigration as a creative opportunity, producing reading performances with rotating authors and bringing stories about backgrounds (and futures) to the stage.

Personal and political. Dark and inspiring. Heart-breaking and humorous. Enriched with video interviews, imaginary soundtracks and personal images.

Behind every migration there's a utopia. And sometimes Heimat isn't much more than a stage, a microphone – and a bunch of cheerful people.

Wolfgang Farkas, born in Munich, is a Berlin-based author, journalist and translator. From 2002 to 2012 he was a publisher at Blumenbar. His Hungarian grandparents fled from Budapest to Bavaria in 1944, where they became forced labourers on the assembly line at Telefunken.

Ok-Hee Jeong is an independent journalist, film-maker and author. Born in South Korea, she came to Germany at the age of eight and now lives and works in Berlin.

Zoran Terzic, author, philosopher and musician, born in Banja Luka, studied visual art in New York and received his doctorate in 2006 in Wuppertal. Numerous publications. In 2016 he launched a series at the Volksbühne as part of the »(Post)faschistische Idylle« initiative. Terzic is the founder of the jazz quartet MovieMusic. His book Idiocracy is being released by diaphanes in 2019.


Credits: Wolfgang Farkas, Anja Conrad, Eugen Haller
Montage: Zoran Terzic

Susie Asado
Photo: A. Conrad

Imran Ayata
Photo: Eugen Haller

Wolfgang Farkas
Photo: Neda Navaee

Ok-Hee Jeong
Photo: André Marx

Yade Önder
Photo: Mia Maariel Meyer

Zoran Tercic
Photo: Neda Navaee

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