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Ultraschall Berlin – Festival for New Music
Enno Poppe


Over the past 21 years the Ultraschall festival has built a reputation for its high-quality contemporary classical music. The first part features a composition for nine synthesizers by Enno Poppe, while the second is dedicated to more symphonic works, including the world premiere of Dov´è, a work by Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf that deals with the history and tradition of Jewish philosophy.

Individual tickets (18 / concessions 14 €) are available for either part, or a Kombiticket (30 / conc. 24 €) may be purchased for both. The discussion in the Roter Salon is free.

Enno Poppe
Rundfunk (2018)
for nine synthesizers

Commission by Südwestrundfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Wien Modern, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Philharmonie Luxembourg, Acht Brücken | Musik für Köln and musica viva of Bayerischer Rundfunk.

ensemble mosaik:
Simon Strasser
Christian Vogel
Roland Neffe
Ernst Surberg
Chatschatur Kanajan
Karen Lorenz
Mathis Mayr
Niklas Seidl
Enno Poppe

Arne Vierck, sound direcot
Wolfgang Heiniger, audio software

Past Activities

Ultraschall Berlin – Festival for New Music Temporality in electronic music Conversation with Enno Poppe and Eberhard Kranemann

field notes and Ultraschall Berlin present:
Perspektivwechsel #6

Presented by: Leonie Reineke

In the sixth edition of Perspektivwechsel, composer Enno Poppe and musician and multimedia artist Eberhard Kranemann discuss temporality in electronic music.

Electronic music is created hand in hand with the rapid technological development of its instruments. In this way, it profits from ever new achievements in technology while also being subjected to the short lives of this very technology, resulting in some of its works being all too quickly forgotten. It's often the case that older works cannot be performed because the required instruments are no longer built, they no longer work or there's simply a lack of knowledge about how they function.

Before the discussion, Enno Poppe's new work Rundfunk will be performed by the ensemble mosaik. The performers' usual instruments have been replaced with computers and keyboards, which they'll use to reconstruct and recombine historical synthesizer sounds from the 60s and 70s. The performance is reminiscent of pioneers of electronic music Kraftwerk in both sound and costume: the nine performers will be clad in orange shirts.

As a founding member of Kraftwerk, Pissoff and Neu!, Eberhard Kranemann has had a fundamental impact on electronic music. He studied both music and art, quickly turning away from classical forms and experimenting with colours and sounds. As a duo under the name Krautwerk, he's currently working with Harald Grosskopf on their second album.

In the Perspektivwechsel (Change of Perspective) series, field notes invites prominent figures from literature, philosophy, the visual arts and music of various genres to discuss commonalities and differences in the creative process with composers of contemporary classical music.

An event from the initiative neue musik berlin e.V., in cooperation with Ultraschall Berlin

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