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Photo: Reinhard Werner/Burgtheater

Die Welt im Rücken
by Thomas Melle

Guest performance Burgtheater Wien
3h, one break
In German

Thomas Melle is manic-depressive, the exact diagnosis: bipolar disorder type I, the severe variety. And he is the author of this novel, describing three manic phases of unusually long duration and their consequences. He searches for and finds a language for the messages from this psychological hell in which all life's continuities and securities are dissolved, fragmented, shredded. A red-hot chronicle at maximum temperature. He leaves none of the embarrassment out, labels the shame that follows the mania: what have I done? Was that really me? How can one talk about oneself as an idiot? Melle writes about Melle as actors playing themselves. Drama in one person that's available in at least three editions: the maniac (“the rowdy one”), the depressive (“the corpse”), and the interim healed one, a stranger to himself and suspect.

Thomas Melle, born 1975 in Bonn, studied comparative literature and philosophy in Tübingen, Austin (Texas) and Berlin. For his work as an author of plays, stories and novels, he has been honoured with multiple awards. His debut novel Sickster (2011) was nominated for the German Book Award; his subsequent works 3000 Euro and Die Welt im Rücken (The World at Your Back) were also nominated and made it to the shortlist. Thomas Melle lives in Berlin.

With: Joachim Meyerhoff

Director: Jan Bosse
Text version: Jan Bosse, Gabriella Bußacker, Joachim Meyerhoff
Stage design: Stéphane Laimé
Costumes: Kathrin Plath
Music: Arno Kraehahn
Lighting: Peter Bandl
Dramaturgy: Gabriella Bußacker

press voices

„Ein Triumph für Joachim Meyerhoff, der auf der Bühne nahezu Übermenschliches leistet." - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Martin Lhotzky, 13.03.17

„Jan Bosse inszenierte (...) ein fiebriges, bildstarkes Roadmovie über eine bipolare Störung. Joachim Meyerhoff ist phänomenal. (...) Das Publikum raste: Standing Ovations für Meyerhoffs Virtuosen-Stück." - Die Presse

Barbara Petsch, 13.03.17

„Jubelorkan für ein exemplarisches Theatersolo: Joachim Meyerhoff gibt in der Bühnenadaption von Thomas Melles Roman einen bipolar Erkrankten." - Der Standard

Ronald Pohl, 13.03.17


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Photo: Reinhard Werner/Burgtheater

Photo: Reinhard Werner/Burgtheater

Photo: Reinhard Werner/Burgtheater

Photo: Reinhard Werner/Burgtheater

Photo: Reinhard Werner/Burgtheater

Photo: Reinhard Werner/Burgtheater

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