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Photo: Roland Owsnitzki

Michaela Meise: Ich bin Griechin
Grüner Salon


Doors 8 pm, concert 9 pm
Tickets: 8 / 5 €

Together with Barbara Wagner (Britta) and Simeon Cöster (Isolation Berlin), Berlin artist Michaela Meise performs songs from her summer album Ich bin Griechin. The title is a tribute to the album Je Suis Grecque by Greek musician Melina Mercouri, who had her citizenship taken away by the right-wing military junta in the 1970s. Mercouri lived in exile, like Mikis Theodorakis and many other artists. Meise's music is dedicated to the chanson scene of post-war Europe, whose songs were both political and traditional. Many take on the experiences of war, the Shoah and alienation. But they also tell of loved ones and reconciliation. Meise translated Greek, French and Romanian songs into German with some help from her friends, thus creating poignant and up-to-date reinterpretations of timeless chansons.

Michaela Meise (*1976, Hanau) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kassel (Prof. Urs Lüthi) and at the Städelschule in Frankfurt a.M. (Prof. Ayse Erkmen). In 2005, her first album (Songs of Nico, together with Sergej Jensen) was released. This was followed by Preis der Todesüberwinder, a collection of hymns from the 16th to the 19th century, in 2011.

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