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CTM (Posh Isolation) & Polido
Roter Salon

Trier is a Copenhagen based cellist, singer, and composer, with her classical training apparent across her many and varied projects and collaborations. Having received critical acclaim from the earliest moments of her career, Trier’s previous album ‘Suite For A Young Girl’ was nominated for the prestigious Nordic Music Prize in 2017.

The work of Cæcilie Trier makes me think of crystals. The beautiful, incomprehensible song structures that feel so pure and logical. The alien intimacy and the crisp strangeness that rings both so true and evasive. Within this transparency there’s a dark and sensuous secret. I’ve seen her hold a sold-out venue mid-air in a gentle, silent weightlessness, just by the presence of her voice, hands folded on her back. Hard core sensitivity. These complexities transcends the crystalline order.
—TR Kirstein

Polido released Time Is When (Lynn & Boyce Hatti, 2017), balancing mystique and emotional tug across fourteen tracks zoning in on silence, time and suggestion. The most recent beat/mixtape Água Ao Moinho (Bus Editions, 2018) asserts similar notions whilst situating itself on familiar musics and landscapes, codified repositions. Live appearances carry that energy onwards, delicate yet abrupt constructions seeking new land. Sabor A Terra.


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