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Photo: Urban Zintel

Wladimir Kaminer:
Weihnachten auf Russisch
Theorie und Praxis der Liebe
main stage

In German

Every year at Christmas, Wladimir Kaminer and his wife Olga, his mother, his mother-in-law and both his children gather in the Volksbühne cafeteria. There's Christmas goose with dumplings, red and green cabbage. “Couldn't we have something else for a change?” he asked us, and for this, his 10th year, we're going to fulfil his wish. Afterwards he'll take to the stage and tell his stories. Followed by Russian disco in the Roter Salon until the early morning hours. No one has to be alone while we're around!

From 11 pm in Roter Salon: Russendisko
Tickets only available from the box office on the evening of the event

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