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Best of POETRY SLAM 2018
main stage

In German

Featured Poet: Till Reiners

With: Aron Boks, Veronika Rieger, Ken Yamamoto, Fee, Marie Radkiewicz, Christian Ritter

Hosts: Julian Heun and Wolf Hogekamp

The grand end-of-year poetry slam celebration is coming to the Volksbühne once again. Featuring many of the best slammers in the German-language scene:

Till Reiners is the year's absolute champion. He's been showered with prizes and can be seen on all the German-language stages.

Marie Radkiewicz won the Berlin U-20 Championships and makes a considerable impression with her texts. Veronika Rieger is currently cleaning up at every slam with her critical poems about the “Me Too” movement. Ken Yamamoto is pure intelligence, and so are his poems. Timeless. Christian Ritter is a new Berliner and impresses with the clear power of his texts’ observations about the capital.

Fee has been charming crowds at poetry slams around the republic for several years, so of course he has to be part of the year-end show.

This is a thrilling line-up of slammers who’ve brought down the house around the country and overflow multiple YouTube channels.

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