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Reading-concert: “Berliner Blues” with Falko Hennig (Rikscha Blues) and Manfred Maurenbrecher (Flüchtig)
Roter Salon

Literature, Concert
In German

Book launch

Manfred Maurenbrecher & Falko Hennig both like to write and make music, in their first joint programme they sing and read the Berlin Blues, solo & in duet. Hennig reads from his novel Rikscha Blues, while Maurenbrecher's new CD Flüchtig (Fleeting) is pure Berliner Blues. Two voices, two keyboard instruments, a slide projector and some light. A reading-concert.

“A road trip through Berlin? To experience that, you have go about it like Falko Hennig does: sit on a rickshaw and drift through the madness and beauty of this city”. (Jakob Hein)

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