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Jena 1800 – Die Republik der freien Geister
Peter Neumann
Roter Salon

In German

Book launch

Presented by: Catherine Newmark (Philosophie Magazin)

Jena 1800: The ideas of the French Revolution are shaking up more that just the political conditions in Europe. A whole generation of young poets and philosophers decide to rethink the world. Its leading figures – including the Schlegel brothers with their wives, the philosopher Schelling and the poet Novalis – meet in the Thuringian university town on the Saale to build a “republic of free minds”. They not only question social traditions, with their view of the individual and nature they also revolutionize our understanding of freedom and reality – and it’s still influential today.

Peter Neumann, born in 1987, is as a freelance writer based in Weimar and teaches philosophy with a focus on German idealism at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

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