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What realism?
A discussion about realism in the theatre
Roter Salon

In German

One of the most important current debates in the arts is about a new realism. In the theatre, this realism has arisen from the uneasiness of post-dramatic aesthetics. Formlessness is a threat to art as a medium for critical reflection. This formlessness is opposed by realism, which signifies more than the simple reflection of reality or its immediate presence in the theatre space. Is realism perhaps that which interested the late Brecht: dialectics on stage? Theatre professionals discuss this topic from their perspectives working in the fields of playwriting, acting, directing and dramaturgy. How does a text function on stage? What do actors actually do – and what is their relationship to the text? In staging a scene, how does the director advance the text and acting? And what perspective on the dramatic situation does the dramaturg have? And finally: how does a staged work thus created relate to societal reality?

Discussion participants: Bernd Stegemann, Armin Petras and Wolfram Lotz
Host: Jakob Hayner (Theater der Zeit magazine).

Co-organised with the Peter-Hacks-Gesellschaft

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