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Verschlusssache Karlsruhe
Die internen Akten des Bundesverfassungsgerichts
Thomas Darnstädt
Roter Salon

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Book launch

Bernhard Schlink in conversation with the author

After being classified for decades, the old records of significant trials that shaped the young democracy of the FRG are now accessible to the public. The Karlsruhe documents show how the foundations of the new constitution were wrestled over behind closed doors. They illustrate how a state marked by racism and cries of war could give way to a society in which human dignity and peace are of the highest importance.

Thomas Darnstädt describes how the judges in Karlsruhe set the course for a democratic future for Germany based on the debates on party prohibitions, Paragraph 218 and the Spiegel affair.

Dr. Thomas Darnstädt, born in 1949, is a lawyer and journalist specializing in constitutional law, police law and international law. His most recent book is Nürnberg. Menschheitsverbrechen vor Gericht 1945 (Nuremberg. Trials for crimes against humanity in 1945).

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