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interfilm 34


Circling drones, surveillance services and data analysis companies operating aggressive data mining in a near illegal manner, human autonomy has been delegated to algorithms, the measurable side of the world is becoming a world in itself. Big Data has us firmly under control! The dizziness that engulfs us in the face of such developments is also being increasingly reflected in film. Whether it's selfie delusion, shitstorms or social media hype victimisation, there has to be a way out of digital collection. And that's what we'll show!

Past Activities


Change, flux and upheaval are the central themes of FOCUS ON COLOMBIA. In this programme they become particularly evident, thus presenting new perspectives for the country. With unusual animations and in an experimental manner, these films narrate diverse stories of change – sometimes it's the images in a museum transforming as they're being looked at, other times it's Bogota's skyscrapers shooting out of the ground.


Lights out, live music on! On one of the city's biggest screens, interfilm presents captivating short films of different genres from the past two years, all in a new musical garb. With soundtracks composed especially for this evening by Berlin's hippest bands, live music and the moving image – two of the most important arts of our time – connect in new and stunning ways in SOUND & VISION.

interfilm 34 SP 05 – QUEER FEVER

From Europe and Canada through China to Chechnya - Queer Fever presents LGBTQ life under a variety of stress levels. Gender questions are an issue, family abysses open up, politically motivated threats prove fatal and, with regard to Berlin, the programme puts a particular focus on life in neighbourhoods. Love and passion connect these six films together, with a common goal of tolerance around the world.

interfilm 34 SP 07 – REALITY BITES

Films can be fiction or documentation – fantasy or the most accurate representation of reality. Some filmmakers, however, want to deliberately fool us, blurring the line between reality and fiction. REALITY BITES focuses on this grey area. A trip to Mars, a filmmaker's bizarre day-to-day life on the job, and film scenes in which stunt men lose their lives make us question the familiar and explore the absurd.

interfilm 34 Session: VR Trans-media Experience KOBOLD

Horror on the screen, followed by goosebumps on your very own body! Director Max Sacker and producer Ioulia Isserlis present a new kind of storytelling through KOBOLD, a transmedial experience consisting of a short horror film followed by a VR experience, in which everyone can venture out on a journey of discovery. The result is a unique experience in which you slip out of the spectator role into the world of the film, blurring the boundaries between cinema and VR gaming.


Dropping by the festival lounge for a coffee between programmes is always worth it, because it's perfect for meeting filmmakers, chatting, or just relaxing and preparing yourselves for the films that are coming up.

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