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James K & Alobhe
Roter Salon


James K
James K is a stranger to obviousness. Over the years, the New York native multi-disciplinary artist has quietly honed her sound and peculiar aesthetic. Equally organic and electronic, her sound is a combination of odd dreams, disintegrated rhythms, and vocals, both incomprehensible and appealing. James K is a concentrated dose of emotion mixed with sorrowful iciness, which in turn ties together hybridizing enchanted samples, ripped, broken, and morphed – forming a multi-faceted identity. James K stands for a fusion of visual and sonic elements, deeply rooted in a conscious art practice and downright freak-out. James K creates a mythology of her own.

She received her BFA in Printmaking from The Rhode Island School of Design, where she developed a critical multidisciplinary art practice shaped by feminist theory and writing. She has established herself within the Providence, New York, and Berlin scenes of experimental artists and musicians. Since 2012, she has been represented by Loyal Gallery, where she has exhibited solo work in both their Malmo and Stockholm locations, in addition to showing at Miami Art Basel, NY Frieze, and LA Art Contemporary. She has released her music with labels PAN, Dial, 1080p, UNO NYC, and her own label, She Rocks!, and has released collaborations with artists Drew Mcdowall, Yves Tumor, Mykki Blanco, and Gobby as their band SETH. She has toured through the US and Europe extensively, performing for a variety of audiences; from underground spaces, established galleries, and museums, to well established venues, festivals, and theaters. She is currently working towards her MFA at Bard College and is a current artist-in-residence at ISSUE Project Room. She will release her follow up full-length LP on PAN in 2019.

Alobhe (live)
Alobhe is a musician residing in Berlin hell bent on gutterally stabbing each broken genre she comes across. 2017 saw the release of her first EP State Space on UK label Tobago Tacks, followed by releases on compilations for Warsaw’s Intruder Alert & Alien Jams.


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