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NUN – Die Kunst der Stunde #9
Spätwerk. Älterwerden in der Kunst
Roter Salon

Visual arts, Discourse
In German

Guests: artist Katharina Sieverding and curator Kasper König.

In the ninth instalment of the talkshow we raise questions like: what does it feel like and what to do when artists lose their bodily capacities, what precautions can be made to secure their posthumous works, what can help against the fear of old-age poverty and do the careers of female artists actually develop differently than those of men? Dr. Birgit Verwiebe, curator at the Alte Nationalgalerie, will discuss a masterpiece of art history, the column ‘Berlinesque’ by Werner Geyer will be looking at architecture and city planning of the capital, and ‘Shopette’ will give tips for cheap art acquisitions. The video and sound artist Nik Nowak contributes the NUN edition, Michaela Meise will play some music.

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