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Photo: Jo Jankowski

Die Fahrt zum Leuchtturm (To the lighthouse)
based on the novel by Virginia Woolf

1h 20min
In German

German translation by Karl Lerbs / in a version of Laura Andreß and Marie Schleef

„And he said: woman can’t write, women can’t paint – not so much because he believed it to be true, but because for some strange reason, he wanted it to be so.”

Six-year old James Ramsey desperately wants to go to the lighthouse. During their summer vacation on the Scottish coast, he repeatedly begs his parents to take him. And so the loop begins: never giving up, never giving in, constant defiance. The boy’s perennial questioning lays bare his family’s long repressed patterns of thought and behavior, baring any possibility of escape from their own illusions. Their planned trip to the lighthouse thus becomes the alias of fixed roles in society, of needs never fully spoken—of expectation itself. The loop at once defines and destroys the family.

Marie Schleef’s thesis production is to be the first installment of her trilogy Rooms of Emancipation, and is based on Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. While the 1927 novel serves as its main inspiration, other thoughts, observations, and related material are also woven into the play—woven in, sewn, and, crocheted. The stage is the scene of a stream of consciousness in which immobility and unreachability become spectacle.

A graduate production in cooperation with Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch

Premiere: 25.10.2018.


With: Cristian Lehmann Carrasco, Florian Kroop, Anne Tismer

Director: Marie Schleef
Stage design and costumes: Jule Saworski
Lighting: Leander Hagen
Music: Marc Oller, Monocollettivo
Dramaturgy: Laura Andreß
Mentoring: Susanne Kennedy, Britta Geister
Director's assistant, superman, surtitles: Ruben Müller


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Photo: Jo Jankowski

Photo: Jo Jankowski

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