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Rechte Räume (Right spaces)
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With: Stephan Trüby (Architecture theorist), Andrea Röpke (Journalist), Philipp Ruch (Centre for political beauty) a.o.
Moderated by Armen Avanessian (philosopher)

The rise of right-wing politics has also edged architecture and questions of specific “right spaces” into the field of right-wing nationalists. Especially, but not only, in rural areas, right-wing spaces, and thus often “no-go-areas” for people with migration background, are increasingly popping up. But in the city centres there have also been unsettling tendencies of late. For example when the AfD politician from Thüringen, Björn Höcke, complained: “A nation that only builds memorials and no monuments has no future” or when the AfD politician from Sachsen-Anhalt, André Poggenburg started ranting about the ,unpleasant aesthetics’ of the Berlin Holocaust memorial recommending ,putting something else with more atmosphere there’ instead. It seems nothing is less at stake than the laboriously elaborated, ,never again’ consensus.

Participating in the discussion are experts who have had, or have had to have, various kinds of theoretical, creative and activist experiences with the right or with right-wing spaces. The goal of the discussion is therefore not only a closer understanding of contemporary spaces in Germany (and beyond), but the question of which effective strategies exist for coping with them.

In cooperation with arch+, Goethe Institut and Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung

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