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Die große Rocko Schamoni Schau
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Literature, Concert
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2018 is the year of humanity.

And what more urgent matter could there be than for the king to dedicate himself fully to this topic? In his texts, in his songs, on stage and in the audience: everywhere is swarming with humans, yes, it is even utterly humane.

The texts: Rocko Schamoni reads from a book, that does not yet exist: “Stupidity as a way”. A small encyclopedia of human stupidity, a testament to one’s own ineptitude and that of all the others too. With the aid of multiple examples, stories and dialogues, it is diagnosed and definitively announced: man is many, but first and foremost he is stupid and the world will fall due to this all-encompassing stupidity. The book from this reading is continuously developed on tour – allowing the audience to participate.

The music: a skype concert with the orchestra Mirage, who is based in Hamburg and connected to the king via ISDN. And a musician on the stage who concurrently plays both drums and guitar and also sings: Text Matthias Strzoda. Great forgotten songs of wonderful, partly forgotten artists are brought to life. And his own songs are offered up to the public to be directly forgotten.

Also: the people on stage work with alcohol! What other bands such as Amon Duul or Shocking Blue barely dare to do, is still the done thing here, and to socially derange oneself in front of the public and on stage is a duty of utmost importance.

Be prepared for a great evening divided into 14 demanding parts.

From 20:00 in the foyer: DJ Henryk Gericke

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