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DJ Punk
Der Fotograf Daniel Josefsohn
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Film, Discourse
In German

Preview of the documentary, followed by a discussion with Christoph Amend (editor in chief of ZEITmagazin and publisher of Weltkunst, DIE ZEIT), Dagmar Mielke (editor rbb), Oliver Polak (comedian, author) and Lutz Pehnert (director of DJ Punk)

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His goal was to photograph simply and honestly. His photos were made in the speed of an instant and the truth of the moment. He was known as the wildest of Germany’s photo-artists, who changed photography in the 90s. He became famous in 1994, when he took pictures of teenage nightlife for an advertising campaign for MTV. He labelled them “egotist”, “chaot”, “slob”, and “consumerist brat”. And thus was born a singular generational portrait.

Daniel Josefsohn, born in Hamburg to Jewish parents, one of the first skaters in Germany, was always familiar with extremes. And he seemed invincible – until his stroke in 2012, of which he died at the age of 54.

His companions included the actress Julia Hummer, the photographer Wolfgang Tillmanns and the Comedian Oliver Polak, who, in this documentary, recall a wild man, a difficult man and a big-hearted person.

Duration: 52 min / Year of production: 2018
Director: Lutz Pehnert
Camera: Andreas Deinert
Producer: Heike Kunze
Production company: Telekult Film- und Medienproduktion GmbH
Commissioned by rbb for ARTE

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