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Das weibliche Prinzip (The Female Persuasion)
Meg Wolitzer
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“The wit, intelligence and depth of Wolitzer’s writing are remarkable” - Jeffrey Eugenides

Shy Greer Kadetzky hasn’t been at the college for long, when she meets the woman who will change her life forever: Faith Frank. The charismatic 63-year-old is a key figure in the women’s movement. As founder of a feminist newspaper and successful author, she is everything Greer wants to be: quick-witted, unabashed and militant. As much as she loves her boyfriend Corey, she is fraught with an inexplicable longing. Her encounter with Faith Frank awakens something in her and she asks herself the vital questions: who am I, and who do I want to be? Years later, Greer has finished her degree and the unimaginable occurs: Faith invites her to an interview in New York – and hereby leads Greer down the most adventurous path of her life: a twisted, at times rocky path, that is, ultimately, the path to herself.

Captivating, with sparkling wit and great empathy for her heroes, Meg Wolitzer speaks of power and emancipation, of ideals, disappointments and generational conflicts in her new novel – and hereby proves herself to be a keen observer of our times.

Meg Wolitzer, born 1959, published the first of many award-winning and successful novels in 1982. Many of her books were on the New-York-Times-Bestseller list. Published with DuMont are ‘Die Interessanten’ (The interestings, 2014), ‘Die Stellung’ (The Position, 2015) and ‘Die Ehefrau’ (The wife, 2016), with Glenn Close in the main role. Meg Wolitzer is married with two sons and lives in New York City.

Henning Ahrens, born 1964, is a writer and translator living in Frankfurt am Main. He has translated books by J.C. Powys, Jonathan Safran Foer and Jonathan Coe amongst others.


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