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Photo: Frank Johannes

Macht zur Frage (The Power to Question)
Concert with the Bolshevik health spa orchestra Black-Red, stories by Ahne, music by Nino Sandow and ‘Ihr Wichser’ (‘You Wankers’) and Peter Wawerzinek
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Concert, Literature
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Founded in 1986 in East Berlin as a political orchestra, the Bolshevik health spa orchestra Black-Red survived Erich Honecker. And Helmut Kohl. The Bolshevik health spa orchestra has no manager. They are not professionals, but a music-making family. They play out of passion!

The brass band plays modern classics, gentle and heavy, political and dancy.

“Macht zur Frage” (Power to question), is the result of 32 years of band history. All songs are rehearsed live – on the street, on big and small concert stages and in the theatre.

‘The Power to Question’: The Bolshevik health spa orchestra Black-Red does not believe in changing the world with a song. Yet what their politically charged music does do, is ask questions. Provocatively, under the surface, unsure of their own answers. Those who hear and see the show, can dance, rage, cry, laugh. But ‘The Power to Question’ is also a demand: “Question what you want to change!”

Ahne is writer and author of the Berlin Lesebühne Heim & Welt since 1995.

Nino Sandow is Opera singer, actor and director. He released several CD’s, teaches and produces at the FU Berlin and the HFF “Kondrad Wolf”.

You Wankers: Three women and one man on the drums. With a wild attitude, they sketch the Zeitgeist in proclamatory texts and open questions.

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