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Photo: Clemens Fantur

The Grand Horrorshow
Get Well Soon Big Band
main stage


Support: Sam Vance-Law

Konstantin Gropper succeeded in putting Mannheim on the international music map – one of many achievements of his bedroom-grown orchestra-pop-project Get Well Soon. Next to his own pieces he devotes himself to film scores or works as a producer for artists like Casper or the Canadian Sam Vance-Law.

“The Horror” is now his fifth album and pools together rich arrangements, spherical choral singing, a touch of nostalgia, and, especially, Gropper’s fascination with nightmares. This multi-instrumentalist finds inspiration where others get the creeps, stating: “I so seldomly dream of something spectacular, so such nightmares are like inspirational gifts to me. I wake up and think: I must turn this into a song”. And not only one. Three of his most memorable dreams became the fertile ground from which he cultivated another big pop-album in the last two years. With ringing glockenspiel, his usual legendary strings and his crooning baritone, Gropper subtly roots around in the depths of the human psyche, mixing in his penchant for Frank Sinatras 50s sound and great film composers such as Hitchcock’s companion Bernhard Hermann or the French Soundtrack master Philippe Sarde. In October the Get Well Soon Big Band will present the new album on several evenings in the big stage at the Volksbühne.


Photo: Clemens Fantur

Photo: Clemens Fantur

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