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Recently we read in the papers that the old children’s and youth theatre P14 is now also performing on the big stage. And that the Volksbühne, which, a year ago, was one of the most famous theatre’s in Europe, has now reached amateur dramatics. Then we realised that this is true. So, on the 13th of October we will have them perform in the whole house. We will show films and texts and cook and talk and dance and we will have a bouncy castle too. So come on over, it will be a celebration. The theatre is ours!

18:30-19:30 concert in the Roter Salon: Habla de mi en presente

From 22:00 in the Roter Salon: live music by Fee Aviv Marschall, 21 Downbeat in cooperation with Theater RambaZamba, Zico, DJ Hourmazdi

22:30 musical reading in the canteen by and with P14

Past Activities

Three Billion Sisters

Sunday, 26.04.20, from 18:00
Streaming on

An opera development in cooperation with the youth theater P14

Hello! Do you know the play Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov? This evening is exactly like Three Sisters by Anton Tschechow, except instead of Moscow there is a comet racing towards the earth and only the three billion sisters are maybe trying to stop it, if only they weren’t already so old and always so sad (Irina is already 15 for example). And then there are all those people who keep telling them they don’t yet understand or that isn’t so easy or I would have to go and ask or I will let you know, I can’t make that decision on my own or or or. The three billion sisters don’t really see any of the complications and actually they are right: a comet is flying towards the earth and somebody should stop it. And if anyone, it will probably be the three billion sisters, who are still young and ambitious (some might say young and dumb!) and still have real pain and feelings towards world politics and love. Will they manage? This is accompanied by outrageously sad music, a youth orchestra and a star performance of singer Dagobert.

Media partner: RBB Kulturradio

Premiere: 12.10.2018.

The comet: Lucia Itxaso Kühlmorgen Unzalu
Irina: Lioba Kippe / Vladislava Vorobiova
Mascha: Zelal Yesilyurt
Olga: Leonie Jenning
Suicide woman Nina Nina Werschinina: Charlotte Brandhorst
Mini Nini Werschinina: Charlotte Brandhorst
Astronaut Aleksandra Aleksandrawitsch Aleksandrava: Judith Gailer
Space doctor Vassilissa Vassilissawitsch Vassilissava: Lilith Krause
Natalja: Yasmin El Yassini
Njanja: Fee Aviv Marschall
Adult I: Anne Tismer
Adult II: Dagobert

Text & director: Bonn Park
Composition: Ben Roessler
Music: Jugendsinfonieorchester Berlin am Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gymnasium
Musical director: Knut Andreas
Musical assistant: Heike Scharffenberg
Stage & costumes: Leonie Falke, Laura Kirst
Lighting: Hans-Hermann Schulze
Sound: Hannes Fritsch, Jörg Wilkendorf
Video: Konstantin Hapke, Jackson Ford
Dramaturgy: Vanessa Unzalu Troya, Hannah Schünemann
Artistic Producer: Philip Decker, Sabrina Schmidt
Repetitor: Norbert Ochmann

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