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Best of Poetry Slam
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Let’s face it: us Berliners just can’t get enough. We always want the fiercest, the craziest, the most outrageous. Our weekends last for five days. We skip the introductions and go directly to the final scene. We’ll have it all, please. With extra cream. Best of Poetry Slam is just the right thing. A slam for those that have attended many, and a slam for those that have attended none, but like to start at the very top.

These are the people that flood YouTube channels and set stages on fire. And there will be those that we like to watch for more than just five minutes. So this time they will have 10 minutes to sway the audience.

With the poets: Kirsten Fuchs, Noah Klaus and Andy Strauß
MCs: Julian Heun and Wolf Hogekamp (Bastard Slam)

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