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Photo: Christian Werner

Das Weiße Schloss (The White Palace)
Christian Dittloff
Roter Salon

In German

Book launch

Presented by: Maria-Christina Piwowarski (Bookshop Ocelot)

Parents? That’s the others.
They are a happy couple. Ada and Yves have decided to have a child, but they are concerned about the incompatibility of love, career and parenting. So they take part in the White Palace’s prestige project, where surrogate mothers bear and rear other parents’ children, all organic and Fair Trade so to speak. Parenthood is a job here, surveilled and steered by an all-controlling apparatus. The offspring can be visited at any time. Over the nine month period, the novel shows the two parents on their way to their own child, following their changes in self-perception and in their relationship. In the style of Kazuo Ishiguros ‘Everything we had to give’, important contemporary questions are asked: When is a bond a loss of freedom? What is a family? Are the handed down role models mother and father negotiable? Playfully ‘The White Palace’ reaches stylistic height and thoughtful depth full of literary references and questions and so becomes a brilliant web of transcendent luminosity.

Christian Dittloff, born 1983 in Hamburg, studied German and English in Hamburg. During his studies he worked in a Psychiatry and as culture journalist in all formats from print to podcast. He then studied creative writing in Hildesheim. Since 2014 he is social-media-manager for the Komische Oper Berlin. Christian Dittloff lives, works and writes in Berlin. The White Palace is his first novel.

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