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On the first ever website it says: “The WorldWideWeb (W3) is a wide-area hypermedia information retrieval initiative aiming to give universal access to a large universe of documents.“ Since then a lot has happened. There are people who might propose the thesis: “The internet is dead!” Meanwhile others are trying to make an online appointment at the district office and attempting to understand the data protection act.

Not quite, (but almost!!) since the first website, informs of the most

important topics, events and discourses of net politics - and all this almost entirely funded by donations. For the fifth time is organising the “This is net politics!” – conference, to create a place where people can participate in both basic and more advanced exchanges about net politics. This year will collaborate with the Volksbühne, engaging the whole building in the most relevant digital topics of our times for an entire day. Under the motto: „inform | defend | attack“, we will descriptively reveal which topics and events of the past year particularly fired up debates surrounding net politics, which topics need to finally be dug up out of the depths and what we can expect in terms of net politics this year.

This year we want to do more than just talk. ‘inform’ will be the topic of the main stage: speakers give a concise overview of the most important topics of net policis and an idea of what will gain importance in the future.

Our Makerspace will be named ‘defend’: in several workshops we train participants in digital self defence. From email encryption to the anonymisation of data to the Aluminium-Hat-Crafting-Workshop - we never leave anyone alone, but want to empower people as best we can. We also offer craft workshops to learn how to safely share your internet with your neighbours via the ‘Freifunk-Netz’, thus fighting against digital division. We will make dust-particle-sensors, that decentrally measure dust pollution and share this with others as open files. And we will show how to use the freedom of information act to be able to closely watch administrations.

‘attack’ encompasses an illustrious Show-Programme that presents net political themes progressively and innovatively.

The Conference is a platform for information exchange, dialogue, self-empowerment and mobilisation. It is meant for the wider public, press people, nerds and ordinary mortals.

The regular tickets are 20€. Reduced tickets are 10 €. Proof for the reduced tickets is not necessary. We believe people have their reasons for buying a reduced ticket. Included in the ticket is the entrance to the big after the conference.

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