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Photo: Heike Steinweg

Verwirrnis (Confusion)
Christoph Hein
main stage

In German

With the guests “Ladies and Gentlemen Daffke”

Friedeward loves Wolfgang. And Wolfgang loves Friedeward. They are young, and enjoying their summer holidays cycling the long path to the sea and talking for hours about god and the world. They are happy when they are together, and it seems to be all they need. But noone is allowed to know that they are more than just best friends. It’s the 1950s, they live in Catholic Heiligenstadt, and for the people around them, especially for Friedewards strictly devout father, love is a sin. If their relationship came to light, they could lose everything.

When they move to Leipzig to study - Friedeward studies german, Wolfgang music - they discover a world of celebrated intellectuals, everything is buzzing with lively spirit. And they meet Jacqueline who admits to being in a secret relationship with a professor.

The four of them attend the legendary lectures in lecture hall fourty, go to the theatre, dive into the city’s intellectual life. And that’s where the three friends hatch the plan: wouldn’t it be the perfect disguise if one of them pretended to marry Jacqueline?

Christoph Hein was born on the 8th of April 1944 in Heinzendorf/Schlesien. After the war his family moved to Bad Düben near Leipzig where Hein grew up. From 1967 onwards he studied philosophy and logic at the university and finished his studies 1971 at the Humboldt University in Berlin. From 1974 to 1979 he worked as in-house writer for the Volksbühne. He made his break after his short story “Der Fremde Freund/Drachenblut” (“The foreign friend/Dragonblood”) He was awarded many prizes, amongst others the Uwe-Johnson-Prize and Stefan-Heym-Prize.

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