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Photo: Florian Kiehl

Madame Poverty. A set of emotion and sensation
by Marius Schötz

In German

The first reason why Emma must die, is Gustave Flaubert. It is said: that because she believed the stories and confused them with life, she killed herself. And the question remains: What happens when our expectations of life are democratised and everyone wants what only a select few achieve? The piece uses music and texts in its quest to find an experience that blurs the boundary between life and story, bringing us closer to Emma.

A coproduction with HfS Ernst Busch.


With: Jonathan Kempf, Carolin Knab, Paula Kober, Tiffany Köberich, Felix Mayr, Jorres Risse, Jakob Wundrack (Piano)

Director: Marius Schötz
Concept, songtexts: Johanna Kobusch
Stage design: Robin Metzer
Costumes: Florian Kiehl
Dramaturgy: Anuschka Carl

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