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You don’t matter!
A two-hour-intensive workshop for self-irrelevance
Die Epilog feat. Luftmenschen


You count the hearts beneath your avocado-toast-post several times a day? You rummage for old tennis cups in your childhood bedrooms? You search your phone for the best Tinder profile picture? You’re looking for recognition in your job? Medals? Royal marriages? You are scared that soon no one will care two hoots about you?
You may now stop.
Discard your meaning with us: write your poems and don’t publish them, come from somewhere and don’t go anywhere, shed your name or christen yourselves after a bus stop, without context, without biographies.

In the workshop You Don’t Matter! We use Design-thinking methods and group work to work on the individual irrelevanz of the participants. Out of (cleaned) rubbish, the participants craft prototypes that symbolically make visible their development possibilities of their loss of importance. They are taught step by step how they can integrate the methods of reduction of their own importance into their daily life.

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