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Ich steh schon derbe lang auf dich!
Ein Stück der Provinz
P14 Jugendtheater

1h 40min

MISCHA: I’m a tragic figure in a terribly boring story. I'm constantly thirsty and at the same time I always have to use the loo.

MICHAIL: Mischa! What kind of provincial theatre are you putting on here?!? 40% of our audience is intelligent. They’ll be embarrassed!

ILJA: But what are your problems with provincial theatre, father? Anyways, only four people have clicked attending on the Facebook event. So we’ll have just 1.6 intelligent audience members. Even we only clicked interested in the event. We made especially sure to do that so you wouldn’t feel like you were under pressure, father. Give the province a chance!

LJUDMILA: But who exactly is it that’s provincial now? Strictly speaking the city should be declared to be the largest provincial place. That would be a good starting point to play a trick on all the metropolitan chauvinists.

MICHAIL: If you go on this way, in the future nothing will be published or staged here!

ILJA: It’s likely that your aversion to provincial theatre is another serious flaw in your conception of the nature of creative work. You just don’t have a visionary’s perspective!

Premiere: 08.06.2018.


With: Polina Aleksandrova, Elena Beringer, Milan Herms, Nathalie Seiß, Esther Roth, Ann Göbel/Judith Gailer, Emil Heusinger, Jan Koslowski, Vladislava Vorobiova, Isi Thiele

Director: Leonie Jenning
Director's assistant: Elias Geißler
Text: Leonie Jenning, Elias Geißler
Dramaturgy: Maxi Klingbeil
Live music: Fee Aviv Marschall
Camera: Marlon Weber
Costumes: Yasmin El Yassini
Makeup: Pauline Wedler
Propaganda: Luis Krawen
Support: Bastian Gacho
Stage: Leander Hagen
Technical director: Leander Hagen
P14 director: Vanessa Unzalu Troya


Photo: Jakob Fliedner

Photo: Jakob Fliedner

Photo: Jakob Fliedner

Photo: Jakob Fliedner

Photo: Jakob Fliedner

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