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Photo: Marie Haefner

Leiden ohne Liebe
(aua aua, OHWEH OHWEH)
P14 Jugendtheater

1h 15min

HB: Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel. We are very, very, very sorry, but at present, all our staff is engaged. We will take your call as soon as the next employee is available. Meanwhile, please listen to the 100 saddest songs.

The 100 saddest songs in the world are played.

W: “Hello. Yesterday I jumped off your five-metre board. I was always too scared to do this and wanted to try it out, as it’s supposed to be such a nice feeling. Well anyway, I just wanted to tell you, somebody forgot to add the water. Did that have to be so? That that which was supposed to make me happy, was to become the source of my misery again? Apart from that I am quite content here. The solitude in these paradise surroundings are like balm for my battered heart. “

Based on ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’, the Beat Generation and select pop music.

Premiere: 05.05.2018.

With: Mateo Franke, Lucia Kolodziej, Caspar Unterweger, Leander Dörr, Sarah Kailuweit, Musa Kohlschmidt, Finn Michelis, Konrad Muschick

Director: Marlene Knobloch Dramaturgy: Lucien Strauch
Music: Julian Knobloch-Krippner Set design: Marco Cucuiu
Costumes: Charlotte Brandhorst
Direction assistants: Lily Kuhlmann, Emma Meyer
Technical Direction: Leander Hagen P14 direction: Vanessa Unzalu Troya


Photo: Jakob Fliedner

Photo: Jakob Fliedner

Photo: Jakob Fliedner

Photo: Jakob Fliedner

Photo: Jakob Fliedner

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