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Chavs on Horses
*there will be noise complaints

A piece by Elias Geißler, Josefin Fischer and Pauline Wedler

“The inner part of the thigh is a machine gun. The inner part of the thigh is a corpse. The inner part of the thigh is worse than the cross section of a thigh and the cross section of a thigh is truly disturbing. If New York is your eye or
Paris your heart, then Hollywood is the inner part of your thigh And you may keep your eye open and your heart, that is none of our business. But we want you to keep your legs shut. And sometimes your mouth too, but especially your legs.”

First mafia in NYC, then escape to LA, then the creation of Hollywood - and all that in terrific speed. After all, we need to perform 50 years of film history in a four-hour theatre evening!

And because this will not suffice, we will also recount the fate of an individual: We will follow the story of the beautiful Judy, yet always distorted by the subjectivity of the camera, the narrator, the audience.


With: Lais Castro Reis, Bruno Elias, Julius Franke, Mateo Franke, Judith Gailer, Emil Heusinger, Carolin Hof, Salome Kießling, Robert Knorr, Marlene Kommallein, Luis Krummenacher, Celine Meral, Konrad Muschick, Kaya Müntz, Richard Rothfeld, Edith Saldanha, Luzie Scheuritzel, Johanna Schäfer-Asch, Leander Hagen, Vanessa Unzalu Troya

Director: Pauline Wedler, Josefin Fischer, Elias Geißler
Text: Josefin Fischer, Elias Geißler
Music: The Twice Sustain, Fee Aviv Marschall
Dramaturgy: Pauline Wedler
Live Camera: Lilli Naß
costumes: Pauline Wedler
costume: Shitela Biallas
Make up: Jakob Bach
Stage: Elias Geißler, Pauline Wedler
Ground room: Maike Krych, Konrad Walkow

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