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Betrunken am Highway


I wish I had stayed. That I'd have stayed a little longer, not gone home now. Now I wish that I would be myself again. And that everything would keep turning as it did before.

Behind me sparks fly. The light shines and blinds me. I'm getting a bit dizzy. Maybe it's because the lamps are swaying so much. It's like the last few minutes on a sinking ship. Then I listen to a conversation I don't understand but, for a while, I'm entertained.

I'm totally dazed, stumble onto the street. I sway. Standing right on the highway. When, out of the corner of my eye, I see a car that ...


Actors: Lail Braslawski, Tom Garus, Milan Herms, Lioba Kippe, Gesa Kreye, Noah Roos, Fee Aviv Marschall, Marike Voß, Tamara Welcher

Director: Charlotte Brandhorst
Video Concept: Luna Zscharnt
Music Concept: Lilith Krause, Fee Aviv Marschall
Music: Fee Aviv Marschall
Make-up: Zelal Yesilyurt
Grundraum: Maike Krych, Konrad Walkow
Technique: Leander Hagen
P14 director: Vanessa Unzalu Troya


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