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Fous de danse –
All Berlin Dances at Tempelhof
Musée de la danse, Boris Charmatz
Tempelhof apron

Dance, Performance
free entry!
German and English

12:00 – 14:00
Public Warm-Up 1h
with Boris Charmatz

Revolutionary Study 5’
based on a solo by
Isadora Duncan

Catalogue (First Edition) 20’
des Dance On Ensembles
, von
William Forsythe, with Brit Rodemund
and Christopher Roman

Le Jardin Animé (Auszug aus Le Corsaire) 20’
with Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin
Hip-Hop Kids 20’
directed by Samir Nikolic

14:00 – 16:00
Calico Mingling #1 10’
by Lucinda Childs,
restaged by Ruth Childs

Boutures d’un Sacre 25’
by Clarisse Chanel
and Marcela Santander Corvalán,
based on Le Sacre du printemps
by Dominique Brun with 44 Kinder aus /
children from Rennes

Displacement 15’
Solo by and with Mithkal Alzghair

Türkische Tänze #1 – Muş & Zeybeck 20’
by BEM Folk Dance Ensemble
and the Konservatorium für türkische
Musik Berlin (BTMK)

Berlin Solo Forest 45’
with Ligia Lewis, Paula Pi,
Raphaëlle Delaunay, Hermann Heisig,
Johanna Lemke, Felix Ott & Bahar Temiz,
Jone San Martin, Julian Weber,
Frank Willens

16:00 – 18:00
Giant Soul Train 1h
led by Raphael Hillebrand
and Marie Houdin

Levée 45’
Invitation to a collective dance
by and with Boris Charmatz

Violin Phase 15’
by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

18:00 – 20:00
Social Dance Circles 1h
ausgedacht conceived by Raphael
Hillebr and and Marie Houdin

Türkische Tänze #2 – Zeybeck 10‘
by BEM Folk Dance Ensemble
and the Konservatorium für türkische
Musik Berlin (BTMK)

Calico Mingling #2 10’
by Lucinda Childs,
restaged by Ruth Childs

Roman Photo 30’
konzipiert concept by Boris Charmatz,
bearbeitet adapted by Raphaëlle Delaunay
interpreted by teenagers from Berlin and
the P14 Youth Theatre Volksbühne Berlin

20:00 – 22:00
Dancefloor 1h30
DJ-Set by Alex Murray-Leslie
(Chicks on Speed)

Chaconne 20’
with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
and Boris Charmatz

With Fous de danse – All Berlin Dances at Tempelhof, the Volksbühne and the Musée de la danse is launching its new season under the open skies.

From 12 noon until 10pm the airfield will be transformed into a spectacular dance stage: warm-up, social dance circles, participatory choreographies, ensemble scenes, a massive soul train, traditional dances, a moving labyrinth of solo dancers and a dancefloor appear in succession, moving to a wild rhythm. Fous de danse is driven by the desire of to create an ephemeral dancing community, to fill the mineral surface of Tempelhof’s airfield with bodies and various states, to invent a choreographic form that transforms over time and to invite the public to take part in this metamorphosis of the space and the gestures populating it. For the past two decades, the internationally renowned French dancer and choreographer Boris Charmatz has been one of the most radical protagonists of contemporary dance. Fous de danse is the prelude to a 14-day journey, in which Charmatz and his dancers confront us with the imposing architecture of the Tempelhof site, with light and darkness. Both children and adults, whether local Berliners and newcomers: everyone can be a dancer in this unique experiment. It is an invitation to a city, to perform itself.

Production: Volksbühne Berlin. Co-produktion: Musée de la danse / Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne – Boris Charmatz. The association receives grants from the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the city of Rennes, the regional council of Brittany and the commune of Ille-et-Vilaine. The Institut Français regularly supports the international tours of Musée de la danse.

Information about our workshops can be found here

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"I believe that in future it will be down to us and our courage, to invent new forms of public, organised assembly and to bring us – quite literally – back into movement: Choreographic, democratic or ecstatic." Boris Charmatz


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Photo: Nyima Leray

Photo: Nyima Leray

Photo: Nyima Leray

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