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Like si lloras
Els Malnascuts
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Catalan with German surtitles

… speaks of us. Of us and how we're trying to leave traces behind and how, out of this, an act of love emerges. Or a desire for change, transformation. Perhaps, however, we're only falling into a trap of self-complacency.

We question the meaning of the phrases “to lose time”, “to use time” and “wait”. Because we just have this feeling of waiting.

In this waiting time, before our leap into the unknown, we come to the point where narrative begins.

First, we’ll kill Doraemon, the robot tomcat from the 22nd century. Doraemon and then Hopp. Clearly there's still so much to be done. But we won't start to cry. Not in front of you.

“I'm 24 years old and I haven't done anything of greatness yet.”
- Vera Moles, costume designer for LIKE SI LLORAS.

“Let's just copy, time is running out.”
- Xavi Gamito, dramaturg for LIKE SI LLORAS.

The ELS MALNASCUTS project came out of the need to create a space for disciplined and independent theatrical experiments in Barcelona.

Alba, Guillem, Xavi, Anna and Elena: “Experimentation was also our desire. And so, through a relaxed rehearsal process, we started to experiment and finally premiered the piece in June 2016 in Sala Beckett in Barcelona.

The production has been included in the repertoire of the theatre this year and we're now presenting it to you as part of the annual exchange between the Volksbühne's P14 and ELS MALNASCUTS. Our compatriots are friends from other MALNASCUTS works or from our lives in general. LIKE SI LLORAS emerged from the conglomeration of our current wishes and fears.

Special thanks: Oriol Pla, Oriol Puig, La Virgueria
and Ramon Llull.


With: Guillem Barbosa, Arnau Comas, Marina Garmendia, Blai Juanet, Carla Linares, Elena Martín, Alba Sáez, Clàudia Serrahima und Anna Serrano.

Director: Elena Martín und Anna Serrano
Directo assistance: Carla Celda
Text: Xavi Gamito, Elena Martín und Anna Serrano
Translation: Max Grosse Majench
Music: Clara Aguilar und Laura Weissmahr
Stage: Marc Salicrú
Stage assisteance: Marina Garmendia und Martí Pavia
Costumes: Vera Moles
Audio and Video: Martí Pavia, Clàudia Serrahima

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