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Completely in the Present
Tony Conrad
main stage

With Stephen O´Malley (Sunn O)))), Tyler Hubby, Jochen Arbeit & Ensemble, Jan St. Werner et al.
Concert, Film

Tony Conrad is an artist whose punk attitude and approach to music, cinema and art are an ongoing source of inspiration. While the music and art world are still fighting for his heritage, we thought it would have been better to remember ourselves and our audience why “to get rid of the composer” is such a beautiful and revolutionary statement. The multidisciplinary event will open with the screening of a film about Tony Conrad, created by San Francisco film-maker and Conrad’s friend and collaborator Tyler Hubby, followed by two performances: an orchestral piece originally conceived by Conrad and reinterpreted by Jochen Arbeit with a string quartet and a solo performance by king of drones, Stephen O’Malley.


Main stage, 7:30pm:
Tyler Hubby, Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present, USA/UK, 2016, HD, colour, sound, 98 min

After the screening, Tyler Hubby (film director), Paul Williams (producer) and Rosa Barba (artist) will be joined in conversation by Christian Morin (music curator, Volksbühne) and Giulio Bursi (film curator, Volksbühne).

10:00pm - 10:15pm break

Main stage, 10:15pm:
Jochen Arbeit’s Amplified Drone Strings Quartet with Jochen Arbeit (bowed guitar), Munsha (cello, FX), Martina Bertoni (cello, FX) and Hopek Quirin (bass, FX)

11:00pm – 11:15pm break

Main stage, 11.15:
Stephen O’ Malley

Roter Salon, 12:00pm:
Jan St. Werner DJ set

Curated by Giulio Bursi and Christian Morin


With: Stephen O'Malley, Jochen Arbeit, Tyler Hubby

Curator: Giulio Bursi

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