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Zwischen SNACKS und MITTWACHT. (Literature: Between SNACKS and MITTWACHT).
Entgrenzte Prosa (Boundless prose).
Jo Frank and Thomas Podhostnik
Roter Salon

Performance with Jo Frank and Thomas Podhostnik

In a multimedia and multi-lingual evening of readings, Podhostnik and Frank take prose to its limits: to the border where lucid dreams become nightmares, to the border where languages converge, where desire turns into a threat, passion into silence, sweetness into cruelty. Two authors with an ostensibly divergent literary programme encounter each other where boundaries dissolve: both authors' texts have a base tone running through them that rushes and crashes, buzzes and cracks, lifts up to a siren in order to plunge down into a hum. Between SNACKS and MITTWACHT is an intoxication, a literary trip in all its phases, and a call to be unbound.

Jo Frank is a multilingual author, publisher (Verlagshaus Berlin), translator, artistic director of the Zeitkunst Festival and managing director of the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk (ELES, a scholarship foundation). He grew up in Southend-on-Sea (UK), Kiel and Heidelberg, and now lives in Berlin. Frank's publications include Märchenland. Die Gebrüder Grimm in Israel (Fairy-tale land. The Brothers Grimm in Israel, Editor, Berlin 2010), Zeitkunst (a collection of poetry inspired by new music, Editor, Berlin 2012), Befremdliche Begegnung. Ausgewählte Gedichte von Wilfred Owen (Strange Meeting. Selected Poems by Wilfred Owen, Translator, Berlin 2013), Die Erbärmlichkeit des Krieges, Gedichte und Briefe von Wilfred Owen (The Wretchedness of War, Poems and Letters by Wilfred Owen, Translator, Berlin 2014). His trilingual (German-English-Hebrew) poetry collection Remembrances of Copper Cream was published in 2012 (Hamburg). A new collection of multilingual texts, SNACKS, marks his prose debut and was published by Edition Atelier (Vienna) in 2017.

Thomas Podhostnik was born the son of Yugoslavian guest workers in Radolfzell am Bodensee in 1972. He completed an apprenticeship as a logistics manager, followed by an apprenticeship as an assistant director at the Teatro Nacional de Cuba. He also studied at the German Institute for Literature in Leipzig. Podhostnik writes prose and experimental prose, which has been published in single titles, anthologies and literary journals. In 2008 he made his debut with the novel Der gezeichnete Hund (The Drawn Dog). He followed that with a cubist novel, Die Hand erzählt vom Daumen (The Hand Tells of the Thumb), in 2011. Both novels deal with the lives of a guest worker's family members, in the first and second generation respectively. In 2015, he released a novel Der falsche Deutsche (The False German) about a Germanophile Cuban. Latest publications: Mittwacht (Verlagshaus Berlin), Illustrierte Erzählung (Illustrated Narrative, Illustration by Lilli Gärtner, Berlin 2014).

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