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Lolita will nicht sterben.
Eine Stückentwicklung.


Your legacy, O great artist, is immortal. As you gradually fade you have paved the way for your successors. Humbert Humbert, you professed your love to me. You write it across toilet doors and at night you shout it out over rooftops into nowhere. Yet you never really exchanged one word with me. You cannot even look me in the eye. Your supposed love for me is a lie. Ever since, I have been placed on your pedestal and am meant to look pretty. I am meant to take it all in my stride, lower my pulse and my gaze. You bloodsucker, you vile parasite. You took and took and took until Dolores was no more. And that is what I call murder. You in prison and me in the grave - but what of it right? Just as you said; you created Lolita and Lolita will not die, she lives on as a construct.


With: Charlotte Brandhorst, Lail Braslavsky, Robert Knorr, Lioba Kippe, Emma Meyer, Rahel Scharabi, Selma Schulte-Frohlinde , Vanessa Unzalu Troya

Text + Director: Zelal Yesilyurt
Live Camera & Video Editing: Esther Roth, Marlon Weber, Luna Zscharnt
costume: Zelal Yesilyurt
Technical director: Leander Hagen

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