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Diaspora Europa:
Through Gardens
An hommage to Tatjana Barbakoff
with Oxana Chi and Layla Zami


A choreographic quest into a forgotten artist life. A journey through historical and ongoing topics of migration, flight, migration, and social cohesion.

Through Gardens is dedicated to the Jewish-Russian-Chinese dancer Tatjana Barbakoff (1899-1944, born Cilly Edelberg). Barbakoff was renown for her magnetic and expressively rich performances in Berlin, Dusseldorf and throughout Europe. She was a crowd puller of the 1920s-30s, was revered by the press, and inspired famous painters such as Otto Dix, YVA, Otto Pankok, and Kasia von Szadurska.

Oxana Chi presents a visceral performance full of verve and grace, accompanied by Ensemble Xinren's nuanced soundtrack. Scholar and musician Layla Zami Zuckerman introduces the piece with an overview of Barbakoff's unique biography, and enriches the piece with a sensitive live appearance.

Concept, Choreography, Dance: Oxana Chi
Presentation, Live-Music: Layla Zami Zuckerman (Chalumeau, Saxophon, Loops, Spoken Words)
Soundtrack: Ensemble Xinren
Multimedia: lichiverein
Costumes: Anjolita Arvandi, Huang Ning Fen

Diaspora Europa

Curated by Shelly Kupferberg and Tímea Junghaus
In cooperation with the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture e. V. (ERIAC)

They all have a history in Europe and are part and culture of this continent. But they also unite exclusion, experiences of difference, transfiguration and defamation: Diaspora Europe unites different contemporary perspectives of Rom*nja, Sinte*zza and Jews on the here and now.

Originally planned for May 8 and 9, Diaspora Europe - together with the project "The Investigation 2020" based on Peter Weiss about the Auschwitz trial in Frankfurt/Main - was to invite to an artistic discussion on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation from German National Socialism and Europe Day. We are horrified to see how quickly, in a crisis-ridden year like 2020, old prejudices, even those already believed to be dead, mingle like a ghost in social discourses.

Diaspora Europe focuses on letting the communities themselves take a stand, presenting their own perspectives and narratives on Europe and its history. To this end, journalist Shelly Kupferberg and the Executive Director of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) Tímea Junghaus have invited artists from a wide range of genres to show their work. Memories, identities, locations, surveys and visions of living together in Europe are presented, discussed and finally celebrated in a kaleidoscopic way in performances, conversations and music. The aim here is to articulate intersections of shared experiences and - on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day on 10 December - to enter into a dialogue with the audience, with a common voice in diversity.

The video installation Jews News Today by Moritz Richard Schmidt and Max Czollek in the Parkettcafé is accessible before and after the events.

Supported by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

11.12.20, 19:30
At the beginning of the event Dr. Layla Zami Zuckerman will give an introduction about the biography of Tatjana Barbakoff

12.12.20, 18:00
17:45 Dr. Layla Zami Zuckerman will give an introduction about the biography of Tatjana Barbakoff


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