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Best of Poetry Slam 2020
main stage


Poets: Sophia Szymula, Rebecca Herms, Aron Boks, Noah Klaus, tba
Mc: Wolf Hogekamp

And at the end of the year must come the highlights of poetry slam in 2020, when poets take to our stage to show why they are counted among the scene’s most-beloved acts. We know how difficult this year was for all artists and performers. So our guests are lighting their spoken word fireworks with even more gusto, because everything that needed to be said in 2020 hasn’t been said yet. And no one does it better than Noah Klaus. With the rhythmic performance of his texts, he will have us eating out of the palm of his hand.

Add to that one of the best female acts on the circuit: Sophia Szymula’s lyrical spoken word is simply enchanting.

The poets and their texts are funny and bitter, disturbing und compelling at the same time. None of the poets are planning to get carried away but…. there’s schnaps and honour and the audience’s favour on the line.

The perfect start to a new, outrageous year 2021.

30.12.20, 20:00

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