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Graphic: Studio Pandan

Next Waves Theater

1. Our way of life is being renegotiated, so must our understanding of theater.
2. Theater is the performative form of yesterday; and of today; and of tomorrow.
3. We pull the plug on unimaginative web-based content for theater performances.
4. Theater must be in constant dialogue with life by experimenting with new pleasures.
5. Our collective digital existence offers simmering possibilities of assembly.
6. Digital dissemination opens up new channels of access for “the art-form of citizens.”
7. Theater is obligated to become well-versed in the particularities of technology.
8. Only a truly engaging virtual experience, can cut through the cascade of content.
9. We demand theatre works especially devised for online/hybrid display contexts.
10. Theater’s spillage into the digital must mutate beyond a mere documentation.
11. The digital can facilitate unprecedented audience participation and immersion.
12. The virtual can expand sensory perception transcending the theater of the past.
13. Since its genesis, we have loaded the digital with variations of our staged selves.
14. It is about time the digital stages itself back to us, on a multiplicity of platforms.
15. The days of media-binging in search of distraction and recognition shall pass.
16. The poetic potential of virtually being together in being apart shall prevail.
17. Only through the stretching of definitions can we create unexpected outcomes.
18. You are invited to our laboratory exploring the digital fusing with the theatrical.
19. Theater refracted through the screen-lens is not a replacement but a rebirth.
20. The virtual reincarnation of theater is a new wave which will prove to be seismic.

The Next Waves Theatre is a digital laboratory exploring the future of performance through the 4th wall made of glass.

Curated by: Armen Avanessian, Selin Davasse, Tilman Hecker and Belle Santos
Hosted by: Armen Avanessian & Enemies
Tech/Dramaturgy: Kubilay Kaan Mehan
Artistic Production Manager: Michael Ladner

With: Ivan Cheng, Selin Davasse, 42n0ah, David Brynjar Franzson, Tilman Hecker, Tobias Hohn, Jason Danino Holt, Adam Kaplan, Onur Hamilton Karaoglu, Enad Marouf, Jos McKain, Kaan Mehan, nast_antn, Lynsey Peisinger, Belle Santos, Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Stanton Taylor, Frank Willens, Kübra Uzun, Lauryn Youden

Produced in collaboration with the Nemetschek Foundation.

30.09.2020 - The Assembly
07.10.2020 - Changing Room 3 (Ouija DM)
14.10.2020 - u don hav 2 ゜。゜ヾ( ˇ ◇ “ •。)ノ. ゜• ゜the Red Li゜。゜ヾt
21.10.2020 - Source
28.10.2020 - Dark Water
04.11.2020 - BB
11.11.2020 - Maximum Karnage
18.11.2020 - 1001
25.11.2020 - Multimodality Study


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