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based on Sophokles


This used to be the stage for our actions.

It was us who wrote history, who made history.

History was the substance of our experience and we shaped it into an elaborate narrative. We connected, linked, let cause and effect flourish, created refined interrelations, and became ever bolder in our mastery. We extended our reign from descriptions of the past into the farthest future. Speculation was our tool, and we used it to make time derivative. We traded with time and the future. The market became our oracle and historiography our myths.

The gods? – Ourselves.

At least, that's what we thought.

Now that history is showing itself, as it begins to work before our very eyes, we're stepping aside in shame and clearing the field. We're forced to accept that our reign was that of children who played at being emperors and regarded their parents as subjects and mounts. Until bedtime.

We recognise that the circumstances are inverted, that the stage of our actions is actually the protagonist, who has tolerated our illusions of power like fleas in its fur.

Director: Alexander Eisenach
Stage design: Daniel Wollenzin
Dramaturgy: Ulf Frötzschner

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