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Illustration: Hannah Göppel, Silke Herwig

Mourning becomes Electra
by Eugene O'Neill
main stage


A family hell on permanent loop. Even centuries after Aeschylus' Oresteia and countless literary adaptations, Electra still has to mourn. Electra is still at the mercy of her fate. The Mycenaean king's daughter – who has had a place of her own in the history of theatre since classical antiquity – still cannot break the curse of the Atrides family, nor can she escape from the theatre. O'Neill's Electra is also waiting for her father, Ezra Mannon, to return from the war to restore the old family order and put an end to her mother's relationship with Adam Brant. She's still waiting for the return of her brother Orin, who is supposed to take revenge on her mother. But by the time Ezra arrives home, it's far too late to restore the original family order. The theatre of war turns into a family battlefield, where everyone is reduced to the victims of their obsessions and the playthings of others. Contradictory views, human weakness and dark secrets shape these unsettling characters, who pull out all the acting stops in a perfidious power play to deceive, seduce and manipulate with a single goal – survival. It seems like it's only violence that can bring about the radical but much longed for escape from family misery.

Eugene O'Neill, the astute disillusionist of the American Way of Life, sets a soap opera in the historical garb of the 1860s and rediscovers the larger societal questions of responsibility, duty and autonomy in the intimate circle of the family. Following in the narrative repertoire of realism, he terrifies the bourgeois social order with archaic motifs, penetrating deep into the darkest chambers of the social subconscious. In O'Neill's work, family is like an impenetrable jungle of love, lies and desire, where psychological insight into the hidden corners of human depths is revealed through erotic fantasies and violence unleashed, and social indifference shapes relationships between people. The American Nightmare is back.

With: Malick Bauer, Manolo Bertling, Paula Kober, Robert Kuchenbuch, Sabine Waibel

Director: Pınar Karabulut
Composition: Daniel Murena
Stage design: Michela Flück
Costumes: Teresa Vergho
Video: Leon Landsberg
Lighting: Johannes Zotz
Dramaturgy: Daniel Richter

16.10.20, 19:30
* premiere
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17.10.20, 19:30
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18.10.20, 19:30
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