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A Bundle of Asparagus, Édouard Manet, 1880

POSTWEST - something digital
Teatrul Tineretului, Piatra Neamț/Romania

An event of the transcultural festival POSTWEST



The video essay seeks to offer a glimpse into the process of creating a theatre performance, a process interrupted and transformed due to the actual situation. Composed of fragments of ideas, thoughts, and reactions, the collage invites us to reflect on visible and invisible borders, particularly during this moment of crisis that might reshape our understanding of what Europe is today and what it could or should be. It is also a way to make peace with a difficult situation, to move forward and search for new possibilities.


Director: Gianina Cărbunariu
Team: Dorothee Curio, Alex Halka, Mihai Păcurar, Vlad Petri, Ana Maria Plugaru, Vlad Socea

With special mentioning of the team of the originally planned production POSTWASTE

Director, Playwright: Gianina Cărbunariu
Producer: Ana Maria Plugaru
Set Design, Costume Design: Dorothee Curio
Light Design: Cristian Niculescu
Music, Sound Design: Alex Halka
Choreography: Arcadie Rusu
Video Documentation: Vlad Petri
Research: Valer-Simion Cosma
Assistant Director, Subtitling: Vlad Socea
Technical Manager: Cristian Ionescu
Machinery, Props: Gabriel Horea

With: Emanuel Becheru, Paul-Ovidiu Cosovanu; Corina Grigoraș, Andrei Merchea-Zapotoțki, Ruxandra Maniu, Mircea Postelnicu

A coproduction between Teatrul Tineretului and Volksbühne Berlin

Funded by Consiliul Județean Neamț/Neamț County Council
Supported by Romanian Cultural Institute „Titu Maiorescu” Berlin

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

The Teatrul Tineretului (Theater of Youth) is a Romanian public institution with a permanent ensemble of twenty-seven actors that collaborates with artistic guests of all ages. Its mission to support artists at the beginning of their careers has been embedded in the theater's DNA since 1958. In recent years, the repertoire has focused on productions based on contemporary drama and interdisciplinary artistic activities that address diverse audiences and reflect the conflicts and challenges of society today.

Gianina Cărbunariu is a director, playwright, manager of the Teatrul Tineretului, and curator of the theater festival in Piatra Neamț (since 2017). Her fictional scripts are usually inspired by well-documented interviews and archival research. Her performances have been staged by independent production associations, such as dramAcum and Piese Refractare, but also in collaboration with state theaters in Romania (the National Theater in Sibiu, the Odeon Theater and the Small Theatre in Bucharest, and the Hungarian State Theater) and abroad (the Centro Dramatico Nacional in Madrid, the Emilia Romagna Fondazione (ERT) in Modena, and the Kammerspiele Theater in Munich). She was invited to represent Romania at the Festival d’Avignon; her plays SOLITARITATE, which she wrote and directed, and THE TIGRE, which she wrote, were part of the official selection.

Gianina Cărbunariu’s performances have also been presented at other international festivals including the New Plays From Europe Theater Biennale in Wiesbaden, Wiener Festwochen, TransAmériques Festival in Montreal, New Drama Moscow, Dialog Festival Wroclaw, LIFT London, Divadelna Nitra Slovakia, New Drama Budapest, Mladi Levi Ljubljana, the International Theater Festival in Liège, and Una Mirada al Mundo in Madrid. Her plays have been translated and produced in theaters such as the Royal Court, London; the Schaubühne, Berlin; the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm; the Volkstheater, Vienna, and many more.


Director Gianina Cărbunariu. Photo: Riccardo Frati

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