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Photo: Aivars Ivbulis

Looks Like You're Going To Die
Kate Krolle, Valters Sīlis | New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Riga/Latvia

An event of the transcultural festival POSTWEST



Are a person’s thoughts individual? Can two biographies merge into one? How unique are we in the ways we spend our lives? Although some dramatic events happen to us now and then, most of our time we are in the company of our own thoughts, with memories of past events forever bothering us and circling around our heads. Visual artist Kate Krolle and theater director Valters Sīlis leave behind their usual roles and mediums and meet to take us on a walk through their thoughts. It is an intimate encounter that reflects on the complexity and beauty of everyday living and the fragility of creation. Devised as an audio walk, Looks Like You’re Going To Die is a conversation and a journey through the mind, memories, and different European cities.

Director, Text, Dramaturgy: Kate Krolle, Valters Sīlis
Composition: Arvīds Saulītis
Translation: Andris Kuprišs

With: Kate Krolle, Valters Sīlis

Coproduction between New Theatre Institute of Latvia and Volksbühne Berlin
Produced by New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Dirty Deal teatro

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, Baltic Culture Fund, State Culture Capital Foundation

The New Theatre Institute of Latvia (NTIL) is a project-based organization that has been working in the field of contemporary performing arts since 1998. NTIL organizes Homo Novus, the annual international festival of contemporary theater, as well asproducing and presenting artistic, educational, and research projects and collaboration programs with local and international partners that focus on emerging ideas, innovative work, and responsible action.

Dirty Deal Teatro is an independent venue in Riga that focuses on contemporary theater productions, often with a sociopolitical slant.

Kate Krolle studied visual art at the Art Academy of Latvia and Le Fresnoy in France. She works with mixed media, taking an interest in the relationship between humans and nature, human instincts, collective experience, compassion, and intimacy. Kate has had two solo exhibitions (We hold our hearts, 2014; I could be elsewhere, 2016) and has participated in several group exhibitions in Latvia and abroad. Since 2010 she has been creating site-specific and stage performances on her own and with different collaborators that have been presented at performing arts and contemporary visual arts festivals in Latvia and Belgium (Edge, 2016; Sanctuary of Truth, 2017; Leap Second, 2018; At the shore of running waters, 2018; Arrival, 2019).

Valters Sīlis graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture in 2010 and since then has worked in small independent theaters as well as the National Theater. From an early stage, Valters became known for his documentary theater productions that illuminated critical moments from recent Latvian history and focused on urgent sociopolitical and ecological issues, both locally and globally (Legionnaires, 2011;National Development Plan, 2013; Lost Antarctica, 2015; 3 Musketeers—East of Vienna, 2016). Valters’ inquisitive, informal, and honest attitude is also present in his latest works, which draw greater attention to micro-histories and the choices of individuals in specific contexts, often focusing on young people (Being Nationalist, 2017; Boy Who Saw in The Darkness, Based on a Book, both 2019).


Photo: Laura Stasane

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