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fam_presents: drowning in leisure w/ nnast_antn’s color book

we proudly present: our fam_edition of a post-quaratimes diy entertainment-kit!

It contains: „drow(n)ing color book for Leisure of friends and enemies“ by @nnast_antn and a new fam_set. both will be here on friday.

nnast_antn is a video and performance artist based in berlin. her work revolves around censored human bodies and the default fear of desire. we are now more than happy to present the drow(n)ing color book for Leisure of friends and enemies to you! We’ve put some music together we love to listen to while coloring the book - just follow the link below.

all you need is a printer (> save the file & print), and some coloring-tools of your choice!

fam_sound for coloring here in the link!

<3 enjoy!
ps: if you’d like to share your process, tag us on instagram: FAM_ / @fam_events_

>> download color book <<


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