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We like We
perform “Time is Local”
Roter Salon


Time is Local is a project and an album by Danish contemporary music collective We like We and sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard built and created from a joint 12-hour live installation and performance at the legendary Thorvaldsen’s Museum in Copenhagen.

In a soothing blend of Kirkegaard’s ambient recordings and We like We’s minimal instrumentation, (voice, cello, violin and percussion), 12 collected fragments revolving around selected chambers in the museum were released by Berlin based label Sonic Pieces September 2019. This night at Roter Salon, a duo of We like We’s vocalist Katinka Fogh Vindelev and violinist Katrine Grarup Elbo will present both the ambient sounds and compositions from the album. Presented by Rrose Sélavy, which will be playing records before and after.

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