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Photo: Sofie Amalie Klougart

Abend mit Madame Nielsen #2
Black Madonna – Ich bin eine Andere
Grüner Salon


Special guest: Mads Emil Nielsen

Madame Nielsen's entire life's work unfurls around people, bodies and spirits as something not defined, as pure potential beyond identities and identifiability.

In 1963 a nameless human body was born and later christened with the name Claus Beck-Nielsen. Over 30 years this body lived as a boy, then as a young man, and even as a Dane. In 2001 he had his identity declared dead. Over the next ten years he lived as a nameless test subject in an enterprise called Das Beckwerk. During that time the board sent him on missions around the world, to areas in states of emergency in Iraq, the USA, Iran, Egypt etc. He was supposed to connect world history together with the people there, reminding people of the possibility of writing world history themselves. In 2010 Das Beckwerk was shut down. In 2013 the body finally turned into a female being that now calls itself Madame Nielsen, but still (non-)identifies itself through this as just one possibility.

On this second of three evenings at the Volksbühne, Madame Nielsen presents her performance Black Madonna – with photos, video and music. Black Madonna is an attempt to – with one's own body, voice, spirit and movement – turn into someone completely different. A white woman turns into one of colour, she turns into a man, he turns into a race-cliché, the cliché turns into a blue joker spirit and finally into a resurrection beyond the climate collapse. An attempt, against all concepts of race, to turn into something completely different, universal, and thereby expose the concepts of “race” and “identity” as illusions. At the end of the presentation, Madame Nielsen and electronic musician Mads Emil Nielsen perform the soundtrack to Black Madonna.

The program GESCHICHTSMASCHINE is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education

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