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Photo: Bettina Volke

Von den Deutschen lernen
by Susan Neiman
Roter Salon

In German

Book premiere
Translated from English by Christiana Goldmann

Moderation: Gesine Schwan

Is it possible – from a political point of view – to learn something from the Germans? When Susan Neiman, a young Jewish American, moved in the 80s to Berlin, of all places, that idea was inconceivable to many people in her milieu. But she stayed in Berlin and experienced how the Germans took a serious approach to confronting their country's crimes: in both the West and the East, albeit in different ways. When Donald Trump, a man that was reviving racism again, became US president, she decided to return to where she grew up: the American South where the legacy of slavery still determines the present. In Learning from the Germans, Neiman connects personal portraits with philosophical reflection and asks: How should societies deal with the evil in their histories?


Copyright: Gesine Schwan

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