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Im Sommerloch des Horrors / Nicht alles, was sich bewegt, lebt
based on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
P14 Jugendtheater
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In German

This story isn't about the present, nor is it about a better future. It doesn't describe the current state of the world, nor the possibility to change it.

This story is about the grim passions of the human, cryptic science and a mystery that lies between life and death. About opium tincture, fear and the ultimate delirium.

Everyone should be warned about this story. Because it might be the reason you can't sleep anymore. When you're stuck on the dark ride because you cannot move, because the blood has frozen in your veins, then you'd better hold on to your weak little heart before it jumps out of your chest. Just because it's twitching, doesn't mean it's alive. It's painful to look at the course of world affairs, but it's only the horror that's spreading before your eyes that makes your blood turn cold.

With: Can Arduc, Franz Broich, Yasmin El Yassini, Charlotte Flemming, Liv Godschnik, Mercan Güzel, Magdalena Gräslund, Sofia Iordanskaya, Lioba Kippe, Maxi Klingbeil, Leander Lorenzen, Fee Aviv Marschall, Emilio Mignosi, Jasper Middendorf, Anaïs Urban, Elisa Wolf

Director: Charlotte Brandhorst
Dramaturgy: Leonie Jenning
Stage design: Julian Winterstein
Makeup: Leana Ardeleanu, Liv Godschnik
Technical directors: Mario Carstensen, Leander Hagen
P14 director: Vanessa Unzalu Troya

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