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Credit: 1000 gram

Voodoo Beach & 1000 Gram
Roter Salon


Swept away into the depths of the ocean by a wave, Voodoo Beach play with us through gloomy psychedelic rock that's rooted deep in the 1970s and, at the same time, completely of the here and now. Voodoo Beach's debut EP, OZEAN, isn't an exercise in genre and subculture music, but rather decidedly modern and the result of a shift in mix: Josephine O (drums) and Jon van Mono (bass) capture a new minimalism, providing a more dominant presence and more orientation, while Ignacy San (guitar) compresses his previous overflowing cascades of sound into succinct lines.

The West Berlin half-Swede Moritz Lieberkühn (vocals, guitar), Finn Arne Braun (guitar), Austrian Paul Santner (bass), Swede Alexander Simm (guitar) and German Lukas Akintaya (drums) make up the band 1000 Gram. Although indie rock of the 90s, 00s and 10s reigns supreme in their music, the Gram in the band's name could also come from 1000 Gram Parsons songs. Their current album, By all dreams necessary, was recorded by Ingo Krauss under the care of Moses Schneider in Candy Bomber Studio.

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